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Mt Hector

Mt Hector (1529 metres), Southern Tararuas (view from summit looking south)

Summertime in Wellington

Summertime in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city

I discovered a passion for landscape photography while tramping in the Tararua Mountain Ranges, an hour north of Wellington. Many trips were embarked upon with family and friends, and my trusty 35mm SLR film camera captured these early adventures.

As my photographic experience and skills grew, opportunities arose to sell prints in several Wellington galleries. My photographic style is still very much influenced by those early days, and some of the images on this website were taken on film. Even though I now use a digital SLR camera, I still like my images to look as natural as possible.

Of particular interest to me is depicting the landscape in all its moods, from calm and serene, to rugged and wild. I hope you enjoy these images, and if you have any enquiries or would like to purchase a photo on canvas, please visit my contact page.

The Milford Track:

In late 2013 I walked the Milford Track with family, and added several photos from this awe inspiring walk to the forests and mountains gallery. The scenery on the Milford Track was amazing, and we met lots of interesting people from here and overseas.

Although this is primarily a photography website, I also write poetry, and here is my Milford Track poem:

The Milford Track

Through mist and Milford tales
On Lake Te Anau we sail
Packs are shouldered, near to shore
The finest walk in the world, we’re ready for
A cultured path finds the beautiful glade
Onwards to Clinton with friends newly made
By jade waters, through forest and prairie
To a lake called Mintaro, resting most fairly
Mackinnon Pass beckons from on high
Upwards we climb, each step a wonder of peaks and sky
From golden heights to valley green we journey once more
The Sutherland Falls fills us with awe
Ambling the Arthur valley we are seduced
By calm waters and peaceful recluse
Amidst much birdsong and good cheer
We reach Milford Sound, our finest walk beyond compare

Lines of Sight 

In September 2018, I published a book called Lines of Sight. This is a combined poetry/photography book, and explores themes of New Zealand humour, culture and national identity. If you have any enquiries about the book, or would like to purchase a copy (NZ$29.99), please send me a message from the contact page.

The First Bogan in Space

In December 2021, I published The First Bogan in Space. This poetry collection explores Bogan culture in New Zealand, and is illustrated with colour photographs. If you have any enquiries regarding this book, or would like to purchase a copy, please send me a message from my contact page. Copies are NZD$20.00, plus $5.00 to courier anywhere in New Zealand.